Women at Work!


Kopano Dibakwane

Female officials from Graskop municipality (Roads and Stormwater Department) were hard at work patching the residential roads. They are confident in their job, encouraged primarily by their daily mission to defy long-standing misconceptions in most workplaces.

They are responsible for maintaining the roads and other laborious tasks as they make their contribution to society.

Graskop Unit Manager, Kemmy Mashego, said that the municipality affords equal opportunities regardless of gender.

“We have a large number of females responsible for jobs which were previously known to be done by men. I’m very glad that our officials are proving to everyone that they are more than capable to perform their duties. Professionally, there are no jobs for men or women, we must all dedicate ourselves to improving our communities. I would like to encourage the residents to carry a collective responsibility for our beautiful town of Graskop,” said Mashego.

The women are Pontsho Mpholoane, Resie Maile, Lucy Mogane, Juliun Mashego, Mary Morele, Silence Mokoena (male).


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