Sabie Primary kicks off the athletic season


Clintin Brummer

Recently Sabie Primary held its annual Inter-house sports day. Anticipations ran high among the learners as even, at such a young age a competitive nature could be seen. Three teams stood proud: Kraaie, Valke and the Arende.
Marching to the sports grounds they could barely contain their excitement. The cheerleaders and their respective teachers made preparations for their official entries onto the field. The bleachers lit with cheer, each team ready to get this day started. Entering the field these learners burst from there seams with joy and laughter. Judging from the environment, a lot of effort was put into the preparations from the learner's and the teacher’s side. Even Phoenix K9 Security in Sabie was involved and helped one of the cheerleading teams to make a memorable entrance with their “fire-breathing” truck, to which all the children responded really well.
To kick off the day these three teams sang their little hearts out in a contest which would disable most hearing aids. As their voices echoed across the field they could not wait to start this day of sport.



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