Sabie Country Club hosts Nomads

Clintin Brummer

On January 21st, Sabie Country Club hosted the well-known and prestigious Nomads Foundation golfers for a Nomad Golf Charity Event.

In a Press release, the Andrew Mentis Nomad Foundation stated that “Nomad’s golf is the collective spirit displayed by all club members towards raising funds for charitable purposes and for recognizing those less fortunate than us.”

Each Nomad Charity event is quite large in scale, as on Sunday alone 66 golfers took part. The Nomad name is easily recognized among golfers throughout South Africa as this is the aim of the Nomad Foundation: “Monies raised are donated to a pre-selected charity that operates within each club’s geographical area in the form of a tangible asset upon which the Nomads emblem is displayed.”

Since the inception of the Nomad Foundation, quite a lot of fundraising for charities took place. An excess of R35 million has been donated throughout South Africa. “Sabie Country Club would like to personally thank the Nomads for their support and York Timbers for their continued support of Sabie Country Club,” Lee Anne Burger, manager of Sabie Country Club said.

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