Round Table Superheroes

Clintin Brummer

2018 marks a new year in which many occasions earn celebration, but none as much as the Annual Round Table 64 Tube Race. Droves of people can be expected as each year the Sabie River is filled with happy people on all kinds of tubes, all in awe of our beautiful landscape along the river. The Tube Race is without a doubt one of the biggest events Sabie has to offer. Each year a fun theme is chosen to add some flare to the overwhelming amounts of people. This year the theme is Superheroes Illuminated, and that on its own should be quite the display. As advertised on the Tube Race Facebook page: “Superheroes by day! Lumo party at night!”
This breathtaking cruise through our waterways takes place during a stretch of 3 days, from the 9th – 11th of February. During the course of these 3 days, a multitude of miles would be covered, gallons of suntan lotion will be used and many, many refreshing beverages drank. Amidst all this there will be memories made, bonds formed and Superman might just meet Louise Lane. Events like these have a way of bringing people closer.
“Swift Nkomazi will be the paramedics for the Sabie Tube Race 2018 weekend. Phoenix Security, York Timbers, Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Sabie Pride and White River SAPS divers are all helping to make the tube race memorable. Die Horries, a band from Nelspruit, the Zionruts Family, a reggae band from Pretoria, DJ Jayden from Nelspruit and Nico Swarts are our entertainment for the weekend,” Gert Delport, Round Table member and organizer, said. “No glass bottles will be allowed on the river this year and we ask the tube race participants to please adhere to this rule. We will also place bins along the river for rubbish disposal. The 20 new rubbish drums will go to Sabie PRIDE afterwards to help keep Sabie clean. A recycling point for the old tubes and also for cans will be available at the campsite.”
As excited participants await the 9th, more still needs to be done. But one can be assured that no matter the obstacle, the Round Table shall deliver the goods once more.
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