Shiny new faces at Sabie Primary

Clintin Brummer

The start of 2018 marks yet another chapter in Sabie Primary's life; a scene which teachers and staff have seen many times before as the young bright faces line up for their first school day.

As per usual, a bustle was to be found in the halls of Sabie Primary. Even the staff were excited as everyone hurried towards classes and offices. So many young faces filled with so much wonder inspires everyone. For these children, a long road lies ahead as 12 years is no small number and those years are bound to be filled with obstacles, joy, ups and downs.

Both grade 1 classes were more than enthusiastic about their first year. Each one anxious to prove him or herself well mannered, in fact, that combined with the very skilled grade 1 teachers, Marie Kruger (Grade 1A) and Liesle Potgieter (Grade 1E)  parents can rest assured that their children are well looked after.


Mari Kruger with her class, grade 1A
Liesle Potgieter with grade 1E

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