Harmony Hill- new Grade R learners


Ephraim Manyanga

Harmony Hill Primary School managed to enroll more grade R learners than previous years.

“This year we have more learners because parents believe in us due to the service we offer as a school. This time around we managed to have one set of twins, a boy and a girl.

If you ask a question to the one, both of them respond if one asks to go to the toilet all of them need to go, and if one cry another cry also. So as a way to avoid this we separate them into different classes. Most problems as teachers with these kids are language because they come from different places. Here we teach English and Afrikaans to those who do not speak these languages and we use SiSwati to accommodate every kid.

My message to the community of Sabie on behalf of the school we thank them for the unending support to send us their learners, without them no Harmony Hill and also they support the school rules pertaining kids without compromise, said Eunice Chetty, a grade R educator

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