Kopano Dibakwane

A raging bolt of lightning struck a tree and caused damage to a recently-renovated building in Graskop on January 2nd.

One of the witnesses, Athalia Maebela – Nkosi, expressed shock at the sight of the unusual incident. “We were sitting and having a chat when the lightning struck. I was on my phone when I heard the loud bang. We immediately ran towards the Spar building for cover because we were confused. The tree shattered in the middle and about twenty minutes later it fell on the roof of the building. Our cars were parked next to the damaged building and we had to run to remove them,”

An elderly lady, Olina Theledi, sells fruit and vegetable just a few steps away from the damaged building. She said that everything happened so fast and it was unexpected. She mentioned her concern about the safety of residents and customers.

“I was seated a few metres away from the tree when it was hit by lightning. It was the most terrifying thing to see. We still have other tall trees standing next to our market, we are not sure if we are clear from further lightning strikes. The municipality can avoid further incidents by reducing the size of the trees,” Theledi said.

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