Sabie MAST

Michele du Plessis

Sabie MAST is a sterling example of what can be done by people who are passionate about their causes and who keep on working to make a huge difference.

“I think we are doing great work. Volunteering is expensive and unless one does it one will have no clue as to what sacrifices are made,” Debbie Moller, co-owner of Sabie MAST said.

After a refuse dump visit on November 29th, Debbie told the following:

“Arriving at the dump the “teens” were nowhere to be seen. The container was locked and our main food was inside. Not a soul in sight. We filled the water and food containers. Called the dogs but they did not come and something felt off.

Hayley spotted a dog with something around its neck. We got close and all hell broke loose as we got hold of the other end of a long flat woven plastic rope. The dog was understandably terrified and wanted to bite.

The rope was a type of flat woven strong plastic that is used to secure parcels. The plastic shrunk tighter around its neck as the dog fought the imminent capture. By now we could not let go as the dog would run off and die. We had the dog pinned and Hayley tried to cut with the first pair of scissors. The scissors were useless. We are all screaming now and we tossed the scissors into the dump. Hayley ran back for a second pair. The dog is choking but it can still bite. Hayley is crying. I am screaming at Elvis and I try to cover the dog’s face with a piece of thin wood so I can cut the plastic. By now the dog’s tongue is black. Hayley prayed out loud and I joined in with one word “Jesus” and the next moment the plastic came loose from around the dog’s neck: It broke. It was a miracle and we thank God for His hand in helping us save the dog from death by choking,” Debbie said.

“We pray that the Sabie Community will support us. We are praying hard for financial backing and guidance on the way forward,” Debbie concluded.


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