Sabie Chamber on Point

Clintin Brummer

During the recent Chamber of Commerce and Tourism meeting, problem solving was apparent. A number of points where addressed. Starting with the main water station it appears a new pump and motor have been ordered, but no delivery or installation date could be provided by Thaba Chweu Local Municipality (TCLM) to the chamber. SCCT has already started plans of redirecting the excess capacity from the Harmony Hill pump into the mainline, meaning that the reservoir would be filled. A second reservoir has been built right above the main reservoir, but no connections between them have been made. TCLM cannot provide answers as to why it has not been done. The Chamber suspects bad management as the cause for the delay.

The service delivery petition has been delivered on Friday but no feedback has been received from TCLM. Although it appears service delivery in Sabie could have been worse, residents have been cautioned against scavengers looting refuse bags and bins. According to the Chamber members, this is more closely related towards police responsibility rather than that of Thaba Chweu Local Municipality.

Road Maintenance was not forgotten. The Road Consultant Agency has now been involved. As some main roads, Old Lydenburg road, for example, have been neglected, but still no answers from TCLM. SCCT also warned residents against a ramshackle construction on the corner of Amelia and Assegaai, as the property contains three violent dogs, which to date has already attacked a couple of innocent bystanders. Captain Gwilym Reese said:  “We have been told by the Municipality that the building plans have been approved, we have not seen the approval. It is almost unbelievable that any plans should be approved for this property as the owner to date shows no interest in resolving the matter.”

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