86 year old Gogo still enjoys her job –55 years later


Kopano Dibakwane

Every day we come across people who silently encourage us to question our lives and the role we play in society. These are people who put the needs of others before their own.

Such people go against popular perceptions which usually limit our capabilities to thrive, but above all, they unconditionally allow the power within (GOD) to lead the way in all they do.

Anna Chiloane (86) from Simile, Sabie, has been moving without fail from one customer to another since 1962 to sell fresh vegetables and fruits.

At the time it was purely to support her children but, throughout the years she has also discovered many other benefits.

“I have managed to raise my children with the money I receive from my customers. I walk around town selling to my regular customers; they have supported me throughout the years. I fetch my stuff from Nelspruit and it is always fresh. I honestly love what I’m doing because I enjoy working with people. I cut some of the vegetables (pumpkin, green beans and others) into pieces to make it easy for my customers to reduce the work of peeling and chopping.  Earlier years I would carry the box of fresh produce on my head, but being 86 I now have a large shopping bag on wheels to assist with the transport.  I make use of taxis and do not have my own transport, but enjoy going to other towns to purchase the produce,” said Chiloane.

In addition, she said that her visits to town have proven very beneficial to her health. This is probably the reason why she looks much younger than her peers. She also shared some words of wisdom to young people.

“If you want to live well you must know yourself. Although I went to a small farm school and do not have a higher education, I have a lot of wisdom and can make money work for me.  Kids don’t agree to do what I’m doing because they find it boring and shameful. However, I’m healthy because of my work, it’s really a good exercise to prevent diseases that come with age. I’ll work for as long as I can because I still have the energy to do so,” she said.

Chiloane can be contacted on 076 066 4635 should you wish to support this remarkable lady by buying some of her produce in Sabie.

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