New clinics will bring relief

Kopano Dibakwane

Two new clinics will be introduced in Graskop and Moremela, courtesy of the MEC for Health in Mpumalanga, Gillion Mashego.

Graskop Councillor, Sandile Shongwe, said that the community deserves an improved clinic with adequate resources to render satisfactory service.

He mentioned that an open field, opposite the Graskop police station, has been earmarked for the new structure.

“The clinic is long overdue. Property Evaluators were happy with the site. There are three stands and it will also provide enough space for parking. The community of Graskop currently relies on a temporary clinic situated at Glory Hill. The clinic is facing challenges and the nurses have raised concern about lack of space, which results in lack of privacy for patients,” said Shongwe.

He also said that MEC Mashego also introduced a clinic in Matibidi and the process runs concurrently.

“Two Chairpersons from Glory Hill and Moremela clinics were taken to Pienaar and Mpakani (Ehlanzeni Region). They had to choose a design for the coming clinics. They chose the design in Pienaar as a perfect example. The land was given to Department of Health by Thaba Chweu Local Municipality,” Shongwe said.

He concluded by stating that the aim is to establish a clinic that can operate for 24 hours. He, however, added that the process continues, but a relief will be coming soon.

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