Sabie Town Prayer Meeting


It all began with a vision that Amelia Hollier of Sabie had.  “The struggle of our town is not to be dealt with physically, but spiritually, we as Christians need to unlock the doors through prayers.”

Sabie forms part of Thaba Chweu municipality and has taken strain over the last few weeks since the Eskom load shedding started.  After the increase in the hours recently, serious water problems have also been experienced.

On Monday, November 6th at 17:00 a united prayer meeting was held in front of Standard Bank.

The main purpose and theme of the prayer meeting were for Christians to stand up and pray for the town to return to normal and to flourish. The scripture used was from the book of 2nd Chronicles 7 verse 14:  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

“The meeting was arranged by my husband Frank and myself.  We approached businesses in town as well as churches of all dominations.  Although it was not as well attended as we hoped, the main issue is that we did start and will continue every second Monday at 17h00, until the situation has been resolved.  We would like to see a united Sabie, whereby we stand together and not only pray but act accordingly to the best of our town,” said Amelia.

“Businesses are taking the strain and a few shops have already closed down, subsequently the staff lost their income.  It’s our duty to pray for our situation because God is the only key to our plights.  Complaining about the situation will not change anything, nor will strike actions help, we need to pray and support each other,” said Frank.

Pastors from different denominations brought word and prayed for the town.

“I believe in ourselves as a Christians in unity.  God will hear our prayers and heal our town, our land and our nations as a whole. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is in us, and the same power that calms down the storm still exist so let us pray and our prayers change our situations,” concluded pastor Ndlovu of Nazareth church from Simile.

The next prayer meeting will be held on 20th November at 17h00. For more information contact Amelia via WhattsApp  on 076 145 6691.

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