Glory Hill Primary honours learners


Kopano Dibakwane

Glory Hill primary held an emotional prize-giving ceremony inside the Town Hall in Graskop on October 27th.

Parents could not resist the swelling urge to scream and ululate. Loud cheering and thunderous applause echoed in the hall as the names of learners were called out on stage.

The guests of honour were Pastor Ken Scrimnger from Emmanuel Church in Glory Hill and Nomsa Segodi – Sabie Circuit Manager.

The Head Master, Fistos Mashego, said that the school has put much effort in preparing for the ceremony.

He also acknowledged the teachers at Glory Hill Primary for displaying patience, eagerness and the genuine desire to see the children succeed.

“We planned for the event since the beginning of the year. Fortunately, it materialised. The school is proud of the achievements of learners. Our job is to deliver the curriculum and make sure that learners perform. Parents send their children to us with the expectation of a good performance. The accolades go to teachers who have seen the children through. In fact, the teachers have also performed and I congratulate them. I encourage them to work further and better than this,” said Mashego.

The highest achiever for 2017 was the Dux Learner – Leago Mashigo, who received gold medals, a book prize and certificate for Outstanding Achievement, Best Achiever and excelling in subjects like Mathematics and Creative Arts.

A total of 225 medals were handed out to learners from Grade 1 – 7. The Programme Directors were Amanda Dibakwane – Grade 2 teacher and Sidwell Mashile – Grade 4 teacher.


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