Suffocating our streams with rubbish


Kopano Dibakwane

Graskop Municipality officials held a cleaning campaign at the Hostels and Extension 5. The exercise resulted in heaps of plastic refuse bags filled with empty bottles, tins, used disposable nappies and sanitary pads; the list is endless.

Lucas Mahlake (Thaba Chweu Local Municipality – Fire and Rescue Chief) said that the cleaning campaign aimed to address the challenge of littering.

“We are trying to minimise the impact of illegal dumping in our town. We were also teaching the community to keep the environment clean. The campaign was led by Cynthia Maphanga from the Graskop municipality,” said Mahlake.

Graskop Unit Manager, Kemmy Mashego, cautioned the residents against littering and illegal dumping as the two illegal acts carry the exposure to diseases, thus putting the health of residents at risk.

“The town belongs to all of us and we must take responsibility for keeping it clean. We take the issue of illegal dumping very seriously. We, therefore, urge all community members to stop dumping domestic refuse on municipal property. Anyone caught dumping must be reported to the Civic Centre. We have streams falling within our jurisdiction and we’ll ensure that we work with other stakeholders to keep them clean,” said Mashego.

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