Curro Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy 2018 from Sabie

Ephraim Manyanga

Glory Ngwenya and Heinrich Gruber started their school careers at Woodlands Primary School in Sabie. Now, in grade 11 at Curro Nelspruit Independent School, they are the new Head girl and Deputy Head boy of culture.

On Thursday, October 12th, a function was held at Curro School, welcoming their new leaders. The ceremony was held at the school to which parents were invited to witness the occasion. Asked about how they felt on such special moments, Benjamin Ngwenya showed gratitude and a lot of joy.

“I’m very proud of them, especially Glory. She is a tiny girl and is aware of the responsibilities ahead of her. And they put Sabie on the map, it is emotional for any parent to see the child doing so well. Being a parent is very difficult these days. We are very humbled and thank all the teachers who taught these children from preschool, Woodlands Primary School and the community of Sabie,” said Benjamin Ngwenya, proud father of Glory Ngwenya.

Asking Glory Ngwenya how she feels about being head girl, which came as a surprise for her and how she plans to balance all her responsibilities, she responded with words full of amazement, encouragement, and self-motivation.

“It is a great honour and an amazing feeling to know that I’ve been selected to be leading the school at one of the highest levels for students. In terms of balancing my school work and my leadership duties, I plan to take everything as it comes and to handle it in the best possible manner,” concluded Glory Ngwenya.

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