Bringing Back Sports to Sabie

Ephraim Manyanga

Sabie Youth Movement (SYM) is an organisation which is willing to improve the community by all means possible. This was witnessed during the weekend when members participated in rekindling the spirit of sport in Sabie. Unfortunately, a lack of financial support from the local authority fails to maintain the once glamourous sports grounds in Simile.

“The purpose of fixing the sports facilities is because Simile is losing its youth to substance abuse. The whole aim is to get the kids to participate in sports again instead of wondering around taverns. We are currently getting assistance from Graskop Build-it and Sabie Spar. Raymond Emmerick owns both Spar shops in Sabie and Graskop. He is doing a great job of assisting us with materials needed to fix the sports facilities,” said Scotch.

“The youth is our future, so it is important that they have ways to keep themselves busy for them to develop physically and mentally. I was looking for opportunities to get involved in the community when Scotch told me about the sports grounds. We visited the grounds and saw an opportunity to invest in the lives of the youth. Members of the Sabie Youth said they just needed material to repair the grounds and they will do the work. We made a list of items and started the process of sourcing the goods. I think it is fantastic to see young people willing to stand up and do the work. We are proud of the Sabie Youth,” said Raymond Emmerick.

Moreover, the local authority has no problem with the development but is unable to sponsor due to lack of funds. They only gave the Sabie Youth Organisation permission to upgrade the area provided, but not to touch the soccer field.

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