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Smartwoman by author Sylvia Walker is described as a “powerful and informative” handbook for creating and maintaining wealth and a balanced life. ‘Smartwoman’ understands how she can build wealth by making her money work for her to gain financial independence.

“While some women seem to excel at making their money work for them, others battle from payday to payday. With this book, we tap into what these ‘smartwomen’ know and what the rest of us can learn from them. Smartwoman will provide insight into how your personal view of money impacts on your financial behaviour, an understanding of who is competing for your money, and why it is often so difficult to find money to invest.”

“It also examines major life events, such as marriage and divorce, and how clever financial decisions can have a major impact on us in the long term. Smartwoman will show the reader how she can take control of her financial life by spending smarter, tackling debt and setting goals. It takes money to make money, and ‘smartwomen’ understand the universal principles behind growing wealth, how the financial markets work and what investment alternatives are available.”

Sylvia Walker has close on 30 years’ experience in the financial-services industry and spent a large part of her career as a marketing manager with a blue-chip company. She left the corporate world at the end of 2014 to pursue her interests further afield. She has authored, co-authored and contributed to a number of books, among them, Dealing in Death – Ellen Pakkies and a Community’s Struggle with Tik and Steeped in Blood, the memoirs of Dr David Klatzow. Sylvia is a financial planner, writes articles for online publications, and conducts workshops on various aspects of financial literacy and planning.

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