Miracles by the Miracle Foundation

Michele du Plessis

The Sabie Miracle Foundation is reaching out to neighbouring communities to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

“By the grace of God, we built up a good track record through the preceding years and we were able to maintain our association with York Timbers and Sasol Oil as our main sponsors, which led to a multitude of community projects that we were able to complete successfully, ranging from Eco-gardens to ablutions, from paving to kitchens, from sewers to townships,” Kalvyn Olivier, Manager of Sabie Miracle Foundation, said.

“With our constant application of sound financial management, transparency, punctuality and quality of workmanship,  we were rewarded with the trust and goodwill of our sponsors. We were recommended to Rompco (an associated company of Sasol Oil), which resulted in our Edu-Fix projects. This has now become our latest flagship project and the largest to date. During a recent inspection visit to these projects, the representatives of Rompco expressed their satisfaction and gratitude.” Olivier continued.

It appears that Rompco is willing to invest in more projects for two more years. “We took the liberty of introducing their representatives to two more suggested “school” projects and also submitted a proposal for a community project in the Kruger National Park. We are awaiting their decision,” Olivier said.

Matibidi projects are as follows: The Embroidery Factory project is presently training 12 ladies.  At the African Art Factory, handmade ornamental vases are manufactured at home, in totality from waste material and natural endemic seeds.

Planned projects are a Cultural Village and Entertainment Area portraying lifestyles ages ago. Stumble Blocks (Bricks) Factory is another income generating project that also creates job opportunities.

Crèche & Drop-In Centre equipped with Electronic Interactive White Boards: There is a dire need in rural areas for scientifically designed and duly equipped centres, where kids can be exposed to the advantages of the latest learning technologies, guaranteeing enhanced progress of their skills and capabilities.

“Lately we always insist on entering into a written Memorandum of Understanding with beneficiaries, outlining our—and their – obligations. We also endeavour to let beneficiaries reciprocate by making a contribution from their side towards the project, enticing them to regard it as “theirs” and therefore accepting responsibility and ownership,” Olivier concluded.

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