From the editor…

From the Editor...

It is late at night and I am still busy with preparation for our next edition.  Usually, I would be at the office, but my husband was concerned for my safety being alone in the office.  He installed a program at home and at my office’s computer that enables me to work at home, but on my computer that is at work.

For our older generation, this is very strange, but my goodness, am I grateful.

Computers and other electronic gadgets have evolved at such a pace.  Everything is faster and shorter, we have become an illiterate society that cannot spell anymore.

We became so numb to the reality out there.  We live in an age of technological advance, with all its glory, conveniences, and consequences. However, how does this culture harm or hinder the spiritual life of the Christian?

In the era before social media, when you experienced difficulties, you would pray and ask God for guidance and help.  You would consult your pastor or parents, or a friend that your trust. We had patience, but now everything must be now and quick.  Now, your whole life is placed on social media, all your highs and lows are presented for the world to see.

When there is a debate regarding a situation on social media, I am shocked and ashamed to see how people that call themselves Christians attack each other.  We have become judge and jury, ostracizing people that do not fit into our perception of life and believes.  It is so easy to join the others and expressing your opinion, but is that what God wants?

Once the word has been written, it cannot be taken back.  Words hurt, destroys and break people.

James 3:6 (Int. translation) The tongue is a fire, a world of evil. Placed among the parts of our bodies, the tongue contaminates the whole body and sets on fire the course of life and is itself set on fire by hell.

I am not against social media and new technology, just concerned by what we have lost.  Do you sit around the table without any electronic devices and speak to each other. When your loved one talks to you, do you put the phone down and look at them showing interest, or are you multitasking?  What is the effect of that action? Despite having hundreds of Facebook friends, we are still alone with the hurt, only God is there with you.

I want to challenge you this week, look around you and open your eyes for what He wants to show you.  Forget about that little screen or box (TV) that dictates our lives and see life as it is.  Hold a friend that hurts, pray with them, a message on social media saying I think of you… means nothing! Call the person, talk to them, and visit them.  We have been created for communication, not through an instrument.  If we are the body of Christ, why are we not touching and helping?

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