Throne of Grace Ministries Launched


By Ephraim Manyanga

Evangelist, Reverend Pastor Kazumba from Zambia, rocked the stage at Simile Community Hall in Sabie.

There was little Tsunami in Simile Township over the weekend as two dynamic and charismatic pastors shared the pulpit. The revival commenced on Monday, August 28th  and came to end on  Sunday, September 3rd.

The launching of the church broke people’s burdens and brought joy and faith to uplift the spirit of believers. In his teaching and deliverance session, Pastor Kazumba encouraged congregants that its high time for every man to turn unto Jesus, repenting in order to attain salvation.”

Pastor Kazumba also encourage congregants to pray for the nation and its leaders and also the church itself. “It’s your duty as believers to pray for the church to grow, the nation and its leaders,” said Kazumba.

The Throne of Grace Ministries started in mid-November 2015 and now there are 95 members. To those who want to join prayers and worship together with the church of God, you can visit them at Simile Township at Fourways, opposite the Anglican Church.


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