Roller Skating the Go-Kart Derby


Ephraim Manyanga.

The recent York Timbers Go-Kart Derby,  held at the Market Square in Sabie, was characterized by a lot of fun, excitement and joy.

Sabie Roller Skating Club also had a good time to showcase their skills whereby they competed with another roller skaters.

“As usual, York Timbers invited us to participate in the festival. I  was excited to have such a time and experience whereby I had time to showcase my talent,” said Bongani Mogale (19). The Sabie Roller Skating Club was founded in 2010 with 24 members, but now they are only 10 members. With Kenneth Mhpanga as Club head coach, the club managed to get involved in various competitions around South Africa, regional and international.

“The sport is like a hobby to me; I enjoy myself, entertain people, and we also get exposure for our sport. Last year, our team competed in the Southern Africa Rollers and Skating Competition which was held in Pretoria. Sabie Spar sponsored us and two of us managed to win medals,” said Mogale. He also went on saying the hosting board provided them with food, accommodation, transport and everything for the competition.

Asked about he feels about the sport, he said one must make sure and avoid being the last man in the race and also one must have passion.”The youth must join the club, our parents must support us and allow their children to participate so that they can abstain from drug abuse,” Kenneth Mhpanga,  Sabie Roller Skating Club Head Coach said.

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