Restoring harmony in the cemetery

By Ephraim Manyanga.

On Thursday, September 14, residents of Harmony Hill were involved in a cleanup campaign at the cemetery. The local authority, Thaba Chweu Municipality, is responsible for the mandate of the cemetery. It is sad to come across a situation, like a cemetery, whereby the responsible office fails and ignore its mandate.

“Our new Acting Unit Manager, Olga Wallace, is doing her best to get things done, but because our town has been neglected for so long, it will take time to get everything done.” said one of the volunteers during the cleanup campaign. Unfortunately, only a few people managed to respond to the campaign.

“It’s painful; we buy the grave from the local municipality. Now, if you have a look at the cemetery, it seems like a forest. What is the duty of the municipality?” said an angry resident of Harmony Hill.

Among the people who were involved in the cleanup campaign is Elsie Van Douwe. “During the campaign on Thursday, only a few people helped. Thank you to ChesaNyama in Sabie for their donation of food for the volunteers.On Monday, I phoned Joy Comley of Sabie Pride and Denzil Lawrie of Tree Fella Tree Felling Services. I would like to say thank you on behalf of the community, to Joy, Denzil nd ther staff for their help.”

Van Douwe said that her great-grandmother, Ouma Ingle, used to keep the cemetery clean. “She worked very hard to keep it clean and I had to help her in the afternoon after school. I had to put old clothes on and work in the cemetery.”

Van Douwe told GPS News that when they cleared the older part of the cemetery, they found an empty grave, with the coffin gone. “No one noticed the opened grave with everything so overgrown.”

For tree felling services, please phone Denzil on 082-455-7153.


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