Local band rocks tourists


D van Wyk

Local musicians from the band Legogote had the audience on their feet recently at the Casterbridge Barnyard, Whiteriver. They passionately performed and entertained tourists and locals alike.
The show is a South-African music journey with narrative and a celebration of South-African successful musical masterpieces. The band performed live music from Mango Groove, Lucky Dube and Via Africa to name but a few. No two shows are the same.
A full house of instruments, including two saxophones, two keyboard players and guitars were contributing to the wonderful sound. Casterbridge Barnyard is the perfect venue for these students to get exposure, experience and to interact with the audience.
Casterbridge Music Development Academy (CMDA) is grooming these music students, to be the best performers they can be. The students receive 70% of the ticket sales. This journey in South-African music will be repeated once a week, with different songs.
Next performance will take place on Wednesday, September 13, at 18:30. Their target audiences are domestic and foreign tourists. These young musicians will be a perfect fit for an end year function with live entertainment that will be appreciated by all employees.

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