Lindani striving for Excellence

Ephraim Manyanga

Lindani Primary School in Simile, Thaba Chweu Local Community, is characterized by a high pass rate, disciplined and well-mannered students, highly committed teachers and friendly parents and maintains a high level of excellence.

With the total of 640 pupils, most of the school children that attend the school, comes from Simile. Asking how she managed the school, Johanna Mogane, Headmistress, expressed her gratitude and happiness because the school functions as a family.

“Our school is a happy family, regardless of the fact that we have many children. The teachers, students and parents have a good relationship.” said Mogane. The school managed to attain a 100% pass rate last year.

Mogane emphasizes that she is going to improve the standards and performance of the school to the highest level. “We can assure you that we are going to aim higher and maintain the standards by observing teaching time, give students homework assignments, extra time on task projects, extra lesson classes. We do have help from Ubuntu Trust, as well,” Mogane said.

“On behalf of the school, I want to thank the community, administration staff and non-governmental organizations.” said Mogane. “The school received a lot of donations. FNB donated school tracksuits for 50 learners, the Methodist Church donated full school uniforms to 10 learners, Safcol donated stationery, the Lutheran Church donated food and 25 packs of sanitary products and Ngwenya Forestry donates money monthly to pay our general workers.”

“We appreciate every member of the community, and I humbly encourage the community to support us because the school belongs to the community.” Mogane concluded.

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