Home-based care for needy patients

Petru Viljoen

Graskop Home-Based Care Group has been established in 2011. As a registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO), it operates from Glory Hill, servicing the Chinese Housing Development through to the Graskop Hostel. The organisation currently has 20 volunteers. The Department of Health funded the organisation, whereby workers received a stipend, but the contract ended in March 2017. Although they reapplied for funding, there has been no response to date.

They work closely with the Glory Hill Clinic, visiting people too ill to travel to the clinic, making sure they have medicine and that it is taken correctly. Food from the communal vegetable garden supplies meals for needy patients to prevent ulcers.  The Department of Health supplies adult care nappies for the incontinent, linen savers and a powder to be mixed with milk to boost the patient’s metabolism.

Support groups for TB and HIV-Aids patients are formed to provide a safe environment and a community to those who have been diagnosed.

The Graskop Home-Based Care Group does after-school care and promotes sport activities. The youth are taught about sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), unwanted pregnancies, HIV Aids and TB and condoms are supplied.

The building that is housing the organisation, is near derelict. The staff has no technology and expenses come from their own pockets. Fund-raising is therefore nearly impossible.

Please contact Sheila Brown, the Project Manager at 082-869-7316 if you are willing to donate or to assist them with this worthy cause.

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