Clay beautified locally

Ghoeks Africa was born in Pretoria in the early 1990’s, and gradually grew into a company exporting to various countries.  Ghoeks Africa specialises in Fimo clay products such as key holders, fridge magnets, cutlery, pencils, pens, salt and pepper sets, cutlery decorated with clay and much more. Each and every item is made by hand and watching these artists roll out the clay and so skilfully creating a unique item, is fascinating.

The artists use a polymer clay, FIMO, which is imported from Germany. All products are handmade and moulded and baked in a conventional oven.

Owner Lieze Loots said: “Our main outlet was selling at flea markets, with a few shops purchasing the products, which were mainly key rings and earrings. In 2001, we and 3 employees relocated to Sabie. Sienie Manaka is still employed by the company. At the moment there are 12 permanent staff members. Our product range has grown to about 20 different items.

Our main outlets are curio shops all across South Africa, from Cape Town to Clarens to Hoedspruit. We have exported our products to our neighbouring countries such as Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, as well as to Mauritius. We have customers in The Netherlands and Germany, and a recent order is ready to be dispatched to Senegal.”

One section of the business is a museum that contains a collection of old artefacts, furniture and other materials – even an old rusted car. Some of the museum pieces have been donated by Sabie residents. Anyone is welcome to enter the studio and watch the artists at work and browse through the items on display. It really does bring back some good memories of yesteryear.

For more information call (013) 764 2123.

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