Water Woes in Simile


By Ephraim Manyanga

Residence of Simile is in a catch 22-situation. They had more than two months without water, especially the area which covers Simile Extension three and Block B.

Thaba Chweu Local Municipality is failing to deliver the minimum services to its people, due to the shortage of resources. “People are sharing unclean and unsafe water with wild animals, as they use water from the drainage pipe or fetch water from Sabie river for domestic use,” an angry Simile resident said.

People fear the spread of diseases such as cholera and typhoid.“We have no choice, we must drink water from the drainage pipe, and we fear typhoid and cholera. Around five o’clock there was a huge queue to collect this unsafe water,’’ said Lorato Mashigo (24), a resident of Simile Block B.

Apart from the water crises, the issue of waste removal, streets lights and potholes are of great concern. Delays in the removal of the garbage can increase the spreading of disease.“I think the local authority must at least offer one big truck for us in Simile so that they can collect waste in time,’’ says Musa Ngobeni  (35),  a resident of Simile in Khozi Street.

“I lost my dustbin after I placed it out of the gate for seven days while I waited for waste collection. Now it’s gone,’’ said an angry resident of Khozi Street. The road which joins Simile and Sabie town is also in trouble due to the occurrence of potholes, streets lights that are no longer working but to date, no action was taken by the responsible local authority.

Please note: Thabo Maake, TCLM, said on September 6, in a message on the Sabie Service Delivery Whatsapp group: “Please be informed that the Simile pump has been installed. We are monitoring the water levels until we achieve consistency in our water network. Please don’t be excited yet, we are still diagnosing a problem where one of the pumps keeps on tripping.”


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