Natureza’s Birthday Auction


Michele du Plessis

On September 30, Natureza Cat Rescue will be hosting an auction to raise funds to support the 200 plus cats and kittens in their care.  The organisation has been registered as a Non-profit organisation and is in possession of their certificate.

The amounts of cat food and cat litter used are staggering. More than two hundred 10kg bags of cat sand per month, 200 boxes cat food with 10 pouches in each and fifteen 15kg bags of cat pellets every week is needed to be able to take care of the furry felines. As Natureza has a no kill policy, euthanasia is not even thought off.

“We desperately need the funds to pay our veterinarian account. All the cats that are up for adoption have been sterilised and inoculated. Currently, we cannot accept any more cats as our cages are filled to capacity. We want to hold an auction fundraising event and fun day for Natureza at the end of September. We are asking if anyone will be willing to donate anything to be auctioned off; clothing, toys, furniture, jewellery, anything that is in your way and you have no need for and others may find useful.”Susan van Zyl said.

“The funds we raise at the end of the event will go toward our vet account, cat food and litter. It’s for a good cause. We also want to ask if any of you will be able to sponsor some refreshments for the event. Some 2 litre cold drinks and ingredients for vetkoek will do nicely. Flour, eggs, mince, frozen mixed veggies, cooking oil, sour dough, and anything else yummy. More info about the event will come as soon as we have some donations for the event. We hope to see many of you there.” Van Zyl concluded.

Natureza’s rely heavily on volunteers to help with the care of the cats. They also welcome visitors who want to play with the cats or help to brush them.

Contact Susan of Paul van Zyl on 081 835 0713 if you would like to donate to this worthy cause or if you want to adopt a feline friend.


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