MAST Mass Sterilisation


Michele du Plessis

Sabie-MAST adopts the internationally researched and followed “Catch Sterilise Vaccinate Release” (CSVR) method at the Sabie Refuse Dump. Visiting the Refuse Dump revealed that a LOT of animals actually belong to people living in the Simile Community.

“With the CSVR method, we will also see a “reduction” in the animal population because of what we do. Sterilisation is very expensive even though we receive a 47% plus discount from Platorand Dierekliniek. We are so grateful for this discount,” Debbie Moller, Sabie-MAST, said.

“Sabie-MAST held a Golf Day fund raiser to raise money to sterilise a mass amount of animals and we made a request to Pro Life to come to Sabie to sterilise as many animals as possible. Benjamin Ngwenya agreed to a venue and organised that we use the grounds of the Apostolic Faith Mission. Thank you to Benjamin Ngwenya and John Masina who supplied us with enough water for the day.”

Sabie-MAST paid Pro Life an amount of R350 per animal sterilised. This amount covers only the drugs and we received donations from our regular sponsors of cotton wool, gauze, bandages & sterile liquids.

Pro Life Pet Rescue brought three vets with them to Sabie. Laura (Pro Life Vet), Olivia and Marita (locums at Platorand Dierekliniek).

The Sabie-MAST Team were: Debbie Moller, Hayley van Wyk, Madeleine Potgieter, Valerie Kemp and Mercia Korb. “We got some help from Themba, a Memezile High School Student who needed to complete his Community Service in order to receive a Qhubeka Bike from York Timbers. Michael manned the gate and ensured that only doggy parents got onto the property.” Moller concluded.

16 animals were sterilised and much more vaccinated and received treatment for minor conditions. Every animal went home with a piece of carpet, donated by Joy Comley, a blanket, donated by Plato Hydraulics and plenty of food and biscuits donated by Sabie-MAST and Pro Life Pet Rescue.

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