Keep a girl child in school

No girl should miss school because they are on their periods. Girls who lack sanitary towels often use unhygienic methods including socks and rags that need to be washed every day. Some miss school for approximately 5-7 days in a month which amounts to 60 days in a year of missed school days, which means their right to education is excluded or violated.

First Lady Foundation handed over sanitary towels to young girls and left a box full of sanitary towels per high as a surplus for rainy days. Each girl student got three packs which will last them until they are done with their end of year examinations. LM Mogane Secondary School in Leroro Section, Sekwai Secondary School in Moremela and Pilgrims Rest High School were delighted with the initiative because no child will miss their examinations because of lack of Sanitary towels. The schools also asked that it becomes an ongoing initiative.

“We would like to ask the community and stakeholders to help us raise funds or as many sanitary towels as we can, and keep young girls in school. In the next hand over, I was hoping that we include young boys as well, and hand over dignity packs to them. Let us keep young leaders in the school. My wish is to see teachers in schools take part in this initiatives, and helping us keep our leaders in schools. There are many more projects to come and we hope we will get support from different stakeholders including teachers in all schools,” said Boitumelo Mogane- the Founder of First Lady Foundation.

For more information, contact First Lady Foundation on 074 0425402, or email them on .  Also on Facebook as First Lady Foundation, and Instagram @firstladyfoundation.

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