Ngwenya Forestry lends a helping hand

Ephraim Manyanga

Lwazi Mokoena, 10 years old and in grade four at Lindani Primary School, was ecstatic after receiving a donation from Ngwenya Forestry. He lives with his grandfather after both parents died when he was still young.

“The Department of Social Services invited us to assist Lwazi, so our intention is to assist him until he has completed his education,’’ said Benjamin Ngwenya, CEO of Ngwenya Forestry. He also told the staff from his organization to stand firm and lend unending support to disadvantaged people, even in the time of difficulties.

“As Ngwenya Forestry, we wish all the best to Lwazi so that he can succeed with his education. We will be with him until he completed his studies,’’ Priscilla Maluleka, Human Resources Manager said. Lwazi said that he is very grateful for the Ngwenya Forestry’s donation and he wishes to give back to the community after graduating. “One day I wish to help others after completing school and get a job at Ngwenya Forestry,’’ said Lwazi while sitting on his new bed that was donated by Ngwenya Forestry..

Pastor Mohlala of AFM Simile Assembly attended the occasion when Ngwenya Forestry handed over the donation to Lwazi and his grandpa. “As a pastor, I’m glad and thankful for what Ngwenya Forestry did. I wish and pray for the company because Mr Ngwenya fulfilled what the Bible teaches us. We must help each other, live for others, carry the burden of the weak and help the disadvantaged, widows and orphans.’’ Pastor Mohlala concluded.

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