Beauty, intelligence, personality…

Michele du Plessis

Amanda Penelope Jele, 23 years old, a Miss Regal International South Africa finalist, is not only a beautiful young woman. She has the intelligence and personality to match.

“I went to Sybrand van Niekerk High school from Grade 8 to 12. I recently went back to school to complete my studies in Safety Management at the Vaal University of Technology. I am also a part time model, Master of Ceremonies and Photographer.”

“The purposes of this competition includes grooming young women for success in all aspects of their lives, bringing back real, approachable role models in the pageant world and showcasing the regality, intelligence, beauty, compassion and drive the modern-day woman possesses. The winner of the competition will move on to represent South Africa on a global stage at the Miss Regal International pageant held in Antigua & Barbuda.”

“I entered Miss Regal International South Africa because it is an amazing platform for me to be part of an organisation that sees the importance of giving back to the community and combating the social issues that women in this country are facing. This is an opportunity for me as a young, South African woman to go after my dreams while inspiring others to do so. My ‘can do’ spirit is something I would like to share with my country, through Miss Regal International South Africa and even the world.”

“South African women, for me, are some of the most beautiful -inside and out- humans I have come across. They are also the strongest. Every single day I am amazed and surprised at our capabilities. We nurture the people around us and still manage to “run the world.”

“Winning this competition would be absolutely amazing because I would then be given an International platform to advocate for women’s rights across the world, inspire young women to always strive to be the best versions of themselves and be able to reach more people, touch more heart and change more lives,” Amanda concluded.

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