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Editorial Edition 99

It is when we get crushed by giving up the things of self-will and laying down our own desires for His sake and still turn our hearts towards Him that our brokenness becomes an offering of worship (Isaiah 66.2)

Open up your aching heart, let forgiveness in, it’s time you learn to love again.  Lay down your weapons of anger, the price has already been paid.  Life is not fair, our own human spirit wants to rebel and speak our own mind.  We MUST be heard!

Our tongues want to lash out and hurt like we have been hurt.  A valued lesson in life that I have learned from my earthly father is that two wrongs don’t make a right.  I will never forget the situation:  My sister and I had a terrible fight and I was angry, and he said I must apologise to her.  Being an extremely stubborn person, I refused, and then he said: “It takes a stronger and better person to say sorry even if you are innocent.  It makes you the better person.”

Many years later, I realised that it is because of Jesus’ love and offering for us that gives us the courage to do just that.

When we take offence or been hurt by someone, we want to vent and let the anger out.  We discuss it with others and feel the hurt even more.  Everyone’s story is justified, we always tell it like we are the victim, irrespective of the situation.  Even if you are justified and innocent, living daily with the feelings of anger and using the weapons of anger, takes a toll on your soul.

God never created us to be hurting, he created us to walk in victory.  No one has the authority to make you feel inferior, rejected or not good enough, unless you allow it.  Yes, it is harsh words, but we have a choice in life.  You choose how you react!  We can believe the lie or hear God’s Spirit whispering the truth softly to us.  We choose to ignore His voice.

A very good example of this was the following:  On my way to work early one morning (before 06h00), I stopped at a stop street, and thought: I wonder where the traffic officers are now?  That was God’s voice warning me, but in my own spirit I was angry and bemoaning the injustices of this earth… and at the very next stop, received a hefty fine for not stopping!

Although I was innocent of what was so heavy on my mind, my actions of not being aware of His voice, and not being obedient, I deserved the fine.  (Poor traffic officer, having a woman so early in tears must be quite embarrassing).  The tears were not because I am guilty and deserved the fine,  it was because of shame of focussing on the problems, and not on Him.

I want to encourage you today to seek God’s face, His heart and to let go of the hurt in life, give up your stubbornness and own will and allow God to work with you, in truth and that is true worship.  Only when we give up our will, can God take over and fight for us.  Life is not fair, but God is!



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