Thaba Chweu Municipality Prays and Praise…


Michele du Plessis

Every Wednesday morning, a prayer meeting is held at the offices of Thaba Chweu Local Municipality in Sabie. Pastor David Mohlala and Pastor Phil Robson led the prayer meeting where to GPS News was invited.

At the meeting, Holy Communion was served to the TCLM members present, on their request. 1 Corinthians 11:23-25 was read by Pastor Phil and Pastor David conducted the service. “I am a free man because of the price Jesus paid for my sins when He died on the cross. I have food, a job, shelter – everything – because God loves me.” Pastor David said. He also said that before the Holy Communion is served, everybody present must forgive those that they hate, and ask forgiveness for their sins. The beautiful voices of the “two Zodwas” present, accompanied the serving of the bread and wine.

Afterwards, Pastor David said, in a much lighter tone, that he was so glad that some of the residents have started to pay their rent and had disconnected the illegal connections.

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