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Saturday 29 July 2017 will be remembered by the Volunteers of Sabie-MAST (Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust) as being a blessed and perfect day for a game of golf. Volunteers Deborah Möller and Hayley van Wyk – knowing nothing about golf – continue to organise this event.  With the help of the Sabie Country Club & Platorand Dierekliniek -who made up 20 of the 38 players on the day -names were added to the list of players.


“In a time where most businesses are suffering from a struggling economy – it was a miracle that everyone was willing to contribute to the success of this fund raiser. To our devastation, two teams cancelled on the day (due to circumstances beyond their control) but it did not stop them paying. That was awesome. All donations – big and small – were greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all our sponsors – without you, there would not have been a Golf Day.”Debbie Moller said.


Many great items were given away, auctioned or raffled. “Big thanks to Martin Cogill for doing a great job as MC. He began with fining the golfers for many reasons such as wearing hats; speaking while he was busy talking and then for any other reason he could make up. It was hilarious and great for Sabie-MAST finances. Dr Natli Roevoet organised a ZOO and brought her pets along (horse, goats & dogs).”


“It was one of the most entertaining golf days ever.  And so say all the Golfers as the feedback has been nothing but positive.” Moller concluded. Due to the amazing support of Sponsors, Sabie-MAST will be holding an online auction to further raise funds for the cause.  Please visit their Facebook Page and support them in this venture.


For more information please do not hesitate to contact Deborah Möller 082 222 2204 or Email:



Dr. Natli Rouvoet

Debbie Moller, Sabie-MAST and friendly goat

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