From the Editor...

From the Editor…

We live our daily lives as if there will always be a tomorrow!

Death, disease, accidents and other bad things are never expected!  Not being negative or gloomy, but how ready are you? I don’t only mean spiritually (which is the most important), but are your earthly things in order? While death is not something you probably want to think about, you can make things a lot easier on yourself (and your family) if you get everything in order now.  Have you got a valid testament?  Does your loved ones know what your wishes are regarding resuscitation, life support, organ donations, etc.?

We think of death as a terrible loss, not a gain. Sometimes, if the person was suffering a great deal, we say that death was merciful, since it released them from their pain. But normally, we view death as tragic and we go to great effort and expense to hang on to life for as long as possible.

Also, we tend to avoid thinking or talking about death unless it is absolutely necessary. Recently a widow told me that she was so grateful that hen her beloved passes away, everything was together in a file. A lot of pressure was taken off her and the children.  Everything, even the songs he wanted them to sing was stipulated in there, the policies, the funeral plan booklet, all was together in a file called – In case of my death.

To live properly, we must live purposefully, and always in view of both the certainty of death and the uncertainty of when it will occur.

Until Christ returns, death is still our enemy that robs us of the presence of our loved ones. However if you know Christ you will receive the courage to go and to heal.

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