Twin City requests community involvement

Twin City Development in Hazyview is taking the initiative to request the establishment of a fire station in Hazyview from Mbombela Municipality. There have, previously, been requests made for such a service but to no avail.  However, Twin City believes that together with the support of the local community they can convince Mbombela to consider options of how such a much need service can be established.

“As Twin City we would like to make a formal request for a resident fire station in Hazyview,” said Freek Schnetler, Area Manager, Twin City Mpumalanga.  “However, we need the support of the community for the request to carry more weight.  All it requires is for the community to just mail a short letter requesting a fire station to Twin City. We will then collect these and attach them to our formal request to Mbombela. Alternatively, the community could collect signatures on a petition form and send that through to us.”

“As it stand now, if a fire breaks out, the response time of a fire engine from Nelspruit, is an hour,” continued Schnetler.  “By that time, a house will be burnt down or a car burnt out.  Even a large building will incur considerable damage before the fire engine arrives. In fact, a car burnt out recently in a parking area in Hazyview and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.  Added to this, recently there have been a number of fires in the Hazyview area.”

“Every time there is a fire in Hazyview, everyone jumps in to help. Both the community and business but this is not efficient enough to quell the fire quickly or prevent it from spreading.  Such expertise lies in the hands of trained fire fighters who man the fire stations.  The need for our own fire station in Hazyview has now become a matter of urgency,” concludes Schnetler.

To support the Twin City initiative please mail your request for a fire station in Hazyview to

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