Graskop celebrates athlete’s achievements

Kopano Dibakwane

Residents of Graskop held a special ceremony at the Graskop Hotel on June 12 to honour Comrades Marathon runner, Grant Bosman. This follows carrying the town’s flag high from the start to the finish line at the Comrades Marathon for twenty consecutive years.

The programme director was, Elliot Marobela (chairperson, Graskop Chamber and Tourism) who expressed joy in Bosman’s achievements. He said that the town should celebrate its achievers to show that the residents share a common goal of improving Graskop.

In his speech, Bosman said that the support from local residents and people from other areas has kept him going for years.  “I just want to say thanks to all that contributed and organised the event. This evening makes me feel very special,” said Bosman. “There’s been a lot of support and I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me. I also thank everyone for signing the cards and  for the Comrades cake. This year, 90 people crossed the finish line in the last 60 seconds; we had 45 refreshment stations with fruits and energy bars. So far I have ran 30 000 kilometres in Comrades training.  It’s tough but it’s worth it.  Local community members signed a giant card and tracked my movements during the race.  I believe that it was a positive thing for the town to get involved as it encourages unity amongst residents.”

Kemmy Mashego, Graskop Unit Manager, wasn’t present at the ceremony but extended his gratitude towards Bosman for the milestone he has achieved. “We are proud as the town, to have one of us representing Graskop in such a prestigious race,” said Mashego. “We congratulate Bosman on his achievements and we hope that it will encourage the youth to follow in his footsteps. We need more people like him in the community to help us bring the town to its best. The entire Graskop Unit would like to express our sincere appreciation to Bosman.”


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