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The Woman in The Woods

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29 June 2017

The Woman in the Woods explores the resilience of people, the importance of friendship and so much more. Author, Lesley Pearse gets into the heads of ordinary people and makes them extraordinary. Her power is in the small detail that builds tension and forces us to care about the characters she has created. A true storyteller and a master of gripping storylines that keep the reader hooked from beginning to end. Pearse introduces you to characters that it is impossible not to care about or forget.

The story is about fifteen year old Maisy Mitcham and her twin brother Duncan who lose their mother to an asylum one night in 1960. The twins are sent to their grandmother’s country house, Nightingales. Cold and distant, she leaves them to their own devices, to explore and to grow. That is until the day Duncan doesn’t come home from the woods. With their grandmother seeming to have little interest in her grandson’s disappearance, and the police soon giving up hope, it is left to Maisy to discover the truth. Maisy starts her search with Grace Deville, a woman who lives alone in the wood, about whom rumours abound . . .

The author’s life has been as packed with drama as her books. She was three when her mother died under tragic circumstances. Her father was away at sea and it was only when a neighbour saw Lesley and her brother playing outside without coats on that suspicion was aroused – their mother had been dead for some time. With her father in the Royal Marines, Lesley and her older brother spent three years in grim orphanages before her father remarried and Lesley and her brother were brought home again. The impact of constant change and uncertainty in Pearse’s early years is reflected in one of the recurring themes in her books: what happens to those who are emotionally damaged as children.

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