MARS promotes take your pet to work week

Lianda Naudé
29 June 2017

The concept of taking your pet to work is one which is not widely practiced in South Africa. However, Mars Multisales Africa (MARS) is one South African company who takes this concept seriously and knows that having pet friendly offices is good for both employees and their dogs.

“It’s true, bringing your dog to work is good for you!” said Brian Ayling, General Manager, Mars Multisales Africa. “Dogs in the office can offer a sense of comfort, relieve stress, increase physical activity and even improve productivity. Having pets in the office is one of the many ways we aim to make the world a better place for pets.”

This unique approach by a South African company led to the company being interviewed about the Take Your Pet To Work concept on the highly acclaimed RSG radio news programme, Monitor, last week. Mars could also back up their claim as regards the positive impact of this initiative on their staff with a recent research. The study was undertaken by one of their sister companies in the United States.

The research surveyed employees and Human Resource decision makers from a mix of company sizes and industries during the early part of this year. The study explored perceptions of pet-friendly workplaces and found that permitting pets in the workplace has a positive impact overall on employees.

The research showed that employee stress was reduced by 93%, employees had an increased loyalty to their company of 91% and their morale increased to 93%. Additionally, the study revealed that employees work-life balance improved by 91% and it also reduced the guilt experienced by pet owners about leaving their pets at home during the day by 91%.

Mars does implement a rule to brining one’s beloved dog to work. The pet must be on a lead. The company provides a dog pillow and water bowl for the pets who join their owners at the office. Added to this, a lovely outdoor grass area has been created where the pets can answer mother nature’s call.

For more information on this initiative by Mars contact Lerato Ramango on 011-209-3600 or mail

Image: Happy staff at work with their pet.

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