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Barundi Reverend visits Sabie

Michele du Plessis
21 June 2017

Reverend Ruben Safari from Burundi and Tineke Drijfhout from Holland visited Sabie and its St Peter’s Anglican Church while on tour through the Panorama Route. Reverend Safari took the initiative to meet the needs of his people by forming partnerships with churches in South Africa and the Veritas College International.

Approximately 80% of Burundi’s three thousand lay preachers can hardly read, resulting in incorrectly interpreting the Bible. The need for proper training of pastors is a huge. “We together with our supporting church, Wapadrant, have formed a Christian Mission called Burundi Mission,” said Reverend Safari. “The Mission’s central focus is the equipping of the Church of Jesus Christ in Burundi. The purpose of Burundi Mission is to provide Christ centered and God honoring theological training to meet the enormous need of untrained pastors in Burundi and Central Africa. Our objective is also to train pastors with the skills to interpret God’s Word faithfully.

On the morning of their departure from Sabie, the Reverend and Drijfhout visited the St Peter’s Anglican Church. The Anglican Priest, Reverend Whitely, gave the visitors a tour of the church, and related the history of St. Peter’s Church. After a short photo session, the guests announced that this had been the highlight of their visit, and they both left with huge smiles on their faces.

Image:Reverend Ruben Safari, Kathy Whitely, and Tineke Drijfhout.Image Credit: Chris COlverd

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