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Equestrian talent on show at Uplands Festival

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20 June 2017

Show jumping and dressage took place on May 27 to 28 at the Uplands Festival. The Show jumpers competed in the speed and championship challenges. The various levels of competing started with jumps set from 50cm through to 1.2 meters.

The graded classes were judged by Loura van den Heever. The course was designed by Brendau de Kok. NTT Toyota White River displayed their 4X4 vehicles and White River Garden Pavilion provided shrubs and flowers creating a country feeling to the setting.

The dressage started at 06:30 on the Sunday and consisted of over 60 tests throughout the day. Visiting judge Eino Vuorinen adjudicated 50 of the test with Helle Wagner judging the remaining recreational categories. Riders competed in levels of dressage from entry recreational prelim through to international dressage level adult small tour.

This event formed part of the MP mini dressage league run over two weekends including the show held the previous weekend at Ponderosa Ranch. Combined scores for riders over the two weekends resulted in Friederike Koep (UEC) winning highest average novice score as well as the highest average overall. Shaunice Eggersgluzs (Ponderosa) won the highest overall score across the recreational prelim classes.

Image:Jessica Loudon came first in the 70cm show jumping class.

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