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Penreach competes in electric vehicle challenge

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14 June 2017

Penreach took part in the South African Electric Vehicle Challenge held at the Mbombela Stadium race track on Sunday, May 21, as part of its science enrichment programme. The Electric Vehicle Challenge is an annual event organised by the Rotary Project, to expose learners to scientific and engineering concepts and to nurture innovation and creativity.

Penreach fielded three teams, comprising Mayibuye, Mandlesive and Mhlume, all Penreach target schools. This was made possible with the sponsorship by Manganese Metal Company (MMC).

The 12 learners from three Penreach target schools spent 150 hours between January and May working on the vehicles as a team. The end result was three single seats, three-wheel battery-powered vehicles which participated in the one hour closed circuit race. The objective was to complete as many laps as possible.

Two of the vehicles completed the race. The third car driven by, Nobuhle Mlahleki (Mandlesive High School) was involved in a minor crash with less than five minutes remaining on the clock. Mlahleki was unharmed but the car could not be fixed quickly enough to get back on the track for the remaining laps.

In addition to soft skills gained such as problem-solving and teamwork, learners also learnt practical skills such as welding.

Image:Penreach Team, Siyabonga Magagula, Samkelo Thabethe and Ncedile Mnisi.

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