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Penguin Random House Book Competition 9

Lianda Naudé
1 June 2017

Congratulations to Marlet Ireland who won the book, Angry Owl goes swimming in the Penguin Random House book competition 8!

In the next book competition Penguin Random House has sponsored the book Insectopedia written by Dr Eric Holm. This is a fascinating book about the secret world of southern Africa insects. It is a soft cover book with over 700 photographs.

To win this interesting book, read the article on it in this edition of GPS News. Then answer the easy question below;

At which university was Dr Eric Holm formerly Head of Entomology?

Entries must be mailed to by no later than 12:00 on Tuesday, June 6. Please include your name, street address, suburb, town or city and contact number. Penguin Random House will deliver the winner’s book by courier.

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