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Graskop potholes repaired

Kopano Dibakwane
1 June 2017

Graskop municipality has finally heeded the call by residents, particularly motorists, to do something about the widening potholes which could be spotted in every street around the town. Road users were made to bear the cost of damaged tyres and being exposed to the danger of accidents while avoiding potholes.

Ward Councillor, Sandile Shongwe, stated that the municipality viewed the state of the roads as an emergency. “The contract to fix all the roads in Graskop was started in the middle of April,” said Shongwe. “We are targeting every street in Graskop. People have been complaining about the roads. The municipality raised finances to assist us in maintaining our town to meet the expectations of residents.”

Kemmy Mashego (Unit manager), said that the municipality wants to ensure that Graskop roads are safe to maintain a tourist friendly image. “Council is going through financial constraints but we managed to raise funds with the intention of covering the potholes,” explained Mashego. “We appointed a road superintendent, Sindy Dhabula, to monitor the work and we have also appointed a service provider to assist us with the entry roads to the town. We are a tourist destination; Graskop is part of the Mpumalanga sunrise window. Our roads have to be accessible and smooth for the residents and tourists. We urge the community to bear with us during this process of fixing the potholes. We’ll work with the Department of Public Works in patching the main roads that lead to nearby areas. The municipality also managed to raise funds from the Department of Water and Sanitation, which will assist in upgrading the Graskop water system.

Image: Municipality workers hard at work to patch the potholes in Graskop.

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