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Potholes: To fill or not to fill?

Michele du Plessis Not all roads lead to Rome. Some roads lead to expensive repair of vehicles, expensive trips to the hospital or mortuary and some roads lead to the diminished tourist numbers in our area. Some roads lead straight to hell with all the swear words uttered because of the condition of our roads. […]

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Prevent shack fires

Michele du Plessis A fire in Sabie’s Phola Park decimated a family’s earthly possessions, reducing everything they owned to a heap of ashes. The family the fire, but the mother received treatment in Sabie Hospital for burn wounds. Adrian de Salis, Sabie Spar Manager, asked for assistance for the Spar staff member and the family. […]

Community News

My Spar Squillos Hygiene Awareness Campaign

Maxine du Plessis On June 7th, My Spar and the Spar Squillos Mascot visited Harmony Hill Primary School to promote the Hygiene Awareness Campaign, managed and presented by Mindful Marketing. Mindful Marketing has been selected to conduct school education visits for Spar Lowveld for 2019. 200 foundation phase children were addressed at Harmony Hill Primary […]

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Words are more than a mere tool for communication.

Anon E. Mouse With words, we express ourselves, voice our opinions, we use wounding words when we argue and soft words when we speak to a loved one. Words can wound and words can heal. “All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.”- Kahlil Gibran wrote. Sometimes, we […]


Chicken and Barley Risotto

This chicken risotto is simple to make and packed with flavour. Pearl barley is used instead of the traditional arborio rice which gives the dish a wonderful bouncy texture. Cook – 60 mins.  Difficulty – Easy. Prep – 10 mins. Serves 2 What you will need: 1 large skinless chicken breast, or 2 small chicken […]

Tounge and Cheek

Do events benefit the people or not?

Anon E. Mouse There is this belief in our town that the events organised does not benefit the people. How ignorant is that? But, nevertheless, let us test this belief… I can quite honestly say: pick an event, any event hosted in Sabie. That shouldn’t be too hard as there are numerous events that take […]