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Just a Christmas Prayer

Lord, the symbolism of Christmas is replete with many symbols, all of which point to You. You are the Beginning and the End, the Word made flesh, God in a manger. Help me, Lord, to imitate Your lowliness so that I can serve You well. Lord, I give You all my imperfections. Give me the […]

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BMA to fight human trafficking at borders

News Desk The Department of Home Affairs gave a briefing on e-Visa, Border Management Authority (BMA) and facilitation of traveller movement recently. “We give an update on some of the key pronouncements the Department made, in particular, the Border Management Authority (BMA), e-Visa system and also affirm our readiness to facilitate traveller and goods movement […]

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Women Disempowered Part 1

By Brilliant The patriarchal system has successfully convinced women to abandon their sharp common sense, restrain their will and adopt a submissive nature based on fear, greed, manipulation and control. The architects of this great fallacy refuse to acknowledge that a woman’s rightful place is at the centre of creation. Every person was once a […]

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Feminists, make way for the masculists!

Michele du Plessis As feminists struggled for women’s rights, no one stopped to ask what the men were doing. They lost a piece of their rights and opportunities, resulting in dissatisfaction in the modern male. Supposedly, men are not supposed to feel this way, but representatives of the “stronger half” seems to show discontent and […]

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The Sacredness of Water

Michele du Plessis Water if life… A giver of life, a source of purification and a sacred blessing. We utilize water in our rituals –the washing of oneself before prayers, pilgrimages to sacred rivers and wells, baptism. We pray for rain in times of drought. Yet, in everyday life, we forget this and we fail […]

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Alternatiewe Afrikaans: nie vir bloukouse nie…

Michele du Plessis “Katriena was ʼn regte bloukous en haar groot liefde in die lewe, Hansie, ʼn regte fundie-vakie. Haar ou ballie wat in die hiërogliefargief bly, was ʼn regte bottelboer op sy tyd. Ou Stoffel-Piet was ʼn Kinderbybelduiwel as hy ʼn halfkoos in die hand gehad het soggens as hy sy dopdofheid probeer wegjaag […]

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