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Sabie Caltex and Natasché caring for others

Inspired by the Million Mask Campaign, Natasché du Plessis saw a way to be of service to her community during the 21-day lockdown. When Maxine du Plessis, part of the managerial team at Caltex under the leadership of Goodmore Madombi, said on Wednesday, March 18th, that there are a shortage of face masks to buy […]

Community News

How a global innovation team plans to take on the COVID-19 pandemic

News Desk “The COVID-19 pandemic has done what few ever thought possible — grounded planes, shut mines and factories, emptied malls and closed schools, not in one country only, but all around the world. As the number of infections grows, and more people succumb to the virus, governments, companies and civil society organisations worry about […]

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Die Groot Griep van 1918

Die Spaanse griep (die Groot Griep, die “driedagsiekte”) is die grootste en ergste natuurramp wat Suid-Afrika nog ooit getref het en daarby is die land erger geraak as die meeste ander lande. Dit het ‘n onuitwisbare invloed gehad op die demografiese, sosiale, ekonomiese, mediese, kulturele, sielkundige en kerklike karakter van die hele Afrika suid van […]

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Exciting news from Innibos…

News Desk The Innibos National Craft Awards – which is free to enter and open to anyone in SA – is pleased to announce that another four categories have been added. “This takes the prize money up from R85 000 to R 165 000. The categories are the result of a partnership with the Department […]


Amazing facts … did you know?

Our world, animal kingdom and the human body have so many unique features. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1). He made all this its fullness by just speaking the words. Each animal and living creature is part of a bio-culture and has a purpose. Here are a few fun facts: Giraffes […]

Entertainment News

Feminists, make way for the masculists!

Michele du Plessis As feminists struggled for women’s rights, no one stopped to ask what the men were doing. They lost a piece of their rights and opportunities, resulting in dissatisfaction in the modern male. Supposedly, men are not supposed to feel this way, but representatives of the “stronger half” seems to show discontent and […]

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